Tiny Strikers encourages participation from boys and girls. We welcome children of all abilities as our classes are designed to give young children a positive experience through sport from an early age. Our unique courses encourage the development of children’s motor skills such as spacial awareness, balance, coordination and laterality.

Your child will become part of a group, this will help your child learn valuable communication skills, team work and co-operation and provide lots of interaction with other children. It’s never about winning at Tiny Strikers, its about having a great time and enjoying the unique class. We believe starting sports at a young age will promote a healthy life and above all we recognise that all our strikers love the football games we play!


At Tiny Strikers, we are passionate about sport and believe it is vital for children to learn the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle from an early age. The aim of our football classes is to make sport a fun and enjoyable experience and to create positive attitudes towards fitness from a young age. We believe Tiny Strikers is the perfect platform for children to get involved in football, have fun, become more confident and make new friends.


Football Courses

We offer a fun, safe environment where we will teach your child the basics of football. Our fun filled games will boost your child’s, physical, mental and social development.

Party Booking

Looking for a football party like no other? Looking for a fun filled party packed with lots of exciting games? High energy, football games and a day to remember…


Our franchise package is coming soon!